AIT Group, made up of AIT Solutions, Integra Information Technologies, Areastechnology Areastech, with headquarters in the United States, Panama, and Venezuela offers solutions and services for the northern region of Latin America: Central America and the Caribbean.

¿How do we do it?

Based on products, services and solutions of the highest level and technological advancement with proven global methodologies and certified professionals with a sense of excellence in service.

We have the ability to provide support to organizations in the analysis, design, implementation and monitoring of projects, managing storage, protection, optimization and use of information with an efficient infrastructure.


Provide efficient solutions for IT management, to organizations that require high value in their strategies and processes pertaining to the information life cycle; as well as consulting and integral service in projects of implementation, integration, technological update and solutions of logical and physical infrastructure in data center.

Where we are

Av. Francisco de Miranda. Torre mene grande Piso 8. Oficina 84-3. Los palos Grandes - Caracas
Telf. +58 212 416 8201

Image Panamá
Calle 60 , P.H Obarrio, Piso 14, Oficina 14-C, Obarrio, Panamá
Telf. +507 397 3535

Image Miami
350 S Miami Av Ste A Miami, FL 33130
Florida - EE.UU.
Telf. +1 786 462 9733


That our employees, customers, suppliers and partners identify us as the main provider of integral solutions with cutting-edge technology and services, with high-performance professionals for everything related to IT infrastructure.